It’s your Wedding day, and you want all the SPECIAL people in your life to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime event!


There are so many ways to make others  feel as if their small contribution to your Wedding helped it to  become a day to remember forever.Here are some wonderful ideas to help incorporate everyone!

Let’s start with parents, they typically are included for that very reason.  They will walk you down the aisle, or be escorted to their seat by a family member or member of the bridal party once all guests are seated for the ceremony. Also the traditional Mother-Son or Father -Daughter dances offer a special memory. If you  have step parents, feel free to have them escorted to their seats or include a special dance with them. This helps everyone know that their unique contribution to your life has been remembered!

Special guests or family can do a host of things to have a part in your day.  Gestures like handing out Wedding programs, bubbles, or flowers give everyone  who participates a warm feeling of inclusivity in your union. Such persons could also act as ushers, and help older guests or parents to their seats.

For those in your life who have  always been at your side, consider a reading for them during the ceremony or reception. A brief recital of your favorite book, or a heartfelt based statement never goes out of fashion.

Those who are musically inclined  may be pleased to play or sing a special song for you and your loved ones. Additionally, if anyone is celebrating a special event on the day of your Wedding make an announcement and congratulate them!

Lastly, it is often so emotional for those present to remember dear ones who are no longer with you to celebrate. A tasteful and impactful way to have them remembered is to  place a photo or a special message on display. This will help share their memory with all your guests.


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