Have you ever been a guest at a Wedding and wondered what the person giving the toast was thinking, as the Bride and Groom wish they could sink under their table?



Unfortunately, this does happen.

Here are some helpful ways to avoid an embarrassing moment on your Wedding Day!

  • Have the toast made before the meal. (At this time everyone is still in a state of proper etiquette and conscious of what they are saying.)
  • Inform those speaking usually your Maid of Honor or Best Man, that now is not the time to share certain memories.  (These could include: an old boyfriend,  or a previous spouse)
  • Keep the toast short. ( This means there is less chance of rambling on, with the toast becoming wordy or inappropriate.)
  • Avoid referencing anecdotal memories. (Remember  only those closest to you will be able to relate  to these specific events and other guests will have no reference point and find it awkward.)

A toast is meant for sentimentality and best wishes to you both on your Wedding Day!