Confused on which wedding menu is right for you?

Below is a breakdown of the most popular Wedding reception  menu options, from our experts here at Bello Giorno.

Buffet Reception

A Buffet Reception presents all of the options which your guests will have available for dinner, allowing your guests to choose which foods they would like to eat.  When looking to make your wedding buffet exciting, think seasonal foods! A Buffet Reception is wonderful because  many selections are  presented, so it’s a great touch when you can customize them to suit the season.

A Buffet also allows guests a bit more freedom to move about, and this is especially nice if your venue offers an outdoor garden or patio.  Chilled drinks on the patio during a soft summer night allow for your guests to enjoy the venue’s outdoor beauty.


Plated Dinner Reception

A Plated Dinner Reception allows  for guests to be seated throughout the event.  This option is great for elegant table side  service, allowing for you to enjoy the company of loved ones and friends.  It is important to remember the  time it will take your venue for service,when considering this option.

In a Plated Reception, when seated at your table, a member of the staff will come to your seating, and present to each individual at your table a prepared dish of each course. Most Plated Receptions will consist of three or four courses, including some variation of a:  salad, soup, pasta, and main dish. The server should wait until every individual at your table has finished their meal, until they serve the next course.

(Both Buffet and Plated Dinner Receptions do normally begin with a butler passed Cocktail Hour.)

Elegant Cocktail  Reception

An Elegant Cocktail Reception is a great choice if you would like to  have your guests  mingle and meet! This is a  wonderful choice if you have  longtime friends looking to reconnect, or when bringing new families together.  A Cocktail Reception includes butler passed hors d’oeuvre’s complimented with buffet stations and displays.  In a Cocktail Reception, guests may move about freely the entire party. A cocktail reception  is also a perfect selection for a brunch Wedding, or those looking to do something beautiful on a budget !

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